What better day than today 5/11/14 Mother’s Day – to add my very first post!

Why another Christian-wife-mother-homeschooling-life blog? Well, I have contemplated this idea for a couple of years.  The idea of starting my own blog where I would share my thoughts and opinions on the things I learn about, or come across in life.

You are probably still asking yourself, “Why another one of those blogs?”.

Well, to put it simply, ALL the other moms seem to have it ALL together AND have a free printable, that they made themselves after cooking an organic paleo breakfast, to boot.

Now there certainly is nothing wrong with that! I love those moms! I need those moms! I just occasionally need to read about others moms who don’t have it all together and are trying…and sometimes fail. I’m not a complete mess…the Lord has shown me a lot…but He just really has a lot more work to do!

If you can relate, then please join me in this adventure!